Simple Games written in Python and Pygame

This is a very basic site at this time - I will update and modify as and when I get the time.


Python and Pygame projects:-



This game grew out of my learning pygame sprites and trying to make my programs more OO in design. Long way to go yet as you will see if you look at the source code. This is a very simple blaster that provides wave after wave of many aliens. Scoring is simple and you can't die, rather you look at your number of hits, misses and the number of times you collided with an alien to assess your skill. Sounds for the game are provided by my six year old son !


Download blasterama source here:



I remember having an electronic game called Galaxy Invaders when I was quite young and really enjoying playing it. This game is

my attempt at making a similar experience with Python and Pygame. Arrow keys to stear the ship and Z key to fire, three ships and your dead !

Download here:



A pong game clone for - two player using opposite ends of the keyboard - Download here:




A snake game clone that I used to learn a little of pygame - Download here: